The abundance of farm fresh products fed by clear Sierra Nevada waters merges with our chefs´ love of delicious, uncomplicated meals to create a unique culinary experience

Here at Casabela, we are always conscious of our privileged surroundings that supply us with a wide range of unique quality products, ensuring that gastronomy takes on a special role for us and for our guests.

When preparing our original menus we choose only the finest ingredients and prepare each dish with joy. Our Chefs’ share a love of simple, fresh cuisine that nourishes body and spirit. Try our personal chef service to enjoy lovingly prepared food that simply tastes good, and enjoy the intimacy of being served a delicious meal without even having to open Casabela´s doors. Our Chefs will be your guides through a diverse culinary world using fresh, locally sourced ingredients from the orchards and farms in Pinos del Valle and surrounding areas. We know that there’s nothing that fosters a sense of community more than a beautifully prepared shared meal, and there’s nothing that delights us more than making that happen for our guests.

We use organic products whenever possible and our curated menus embrace and reflect the changing seasons. Our chefs are eager to cater each meal to your taste, bringing to Casabela the skills and experience acquired through years of cooking and serving in international kitchens and using the best that our valley has on offer.


Wine tasting with Food & Drink pairing


The pairing between wine and food creates a symbiotic relationship between flavors, bringing out the best that each individual element has and further enhancing it. Rather than following a set of rules, our goal is to simply to pair the best local dish with its ideal partner. Here at Casabela we are practiced in recommending the perfect wines and beers to further elevate the enjoyment of your meal. Allow us to introduce you to the best Spanish wines from Granada and beyond, as well as a varied selection of local and craft beers.


 Our wine tastings will give you a brief primer on Spanish wine, including grape varieties, wineries, and what to look for as you analyze and unpack the flavors and notes of each sip. Your sampling of our best local bottles will be accompanied by a sumptuous snack of Spanish meats and cheeses.


Casabela breakfast.

Rise and Shine! You won’t want to miss our fresh and nourishing morning spread.

Whether you’re going off to explore or have your lounger reserved by the pool, you can first fortify yourself with our breakfast buffet including organic products from the area such as locally-baked bread, quality butter, homemade citrus and fruit preserves, sliced ‘jamón’ and the best fresh fruit that our valley has to offer.

Some more of what you’ll find awaiting you to start your day off on the right foot:

Premium quality local olive oil. Cultivated, harvested and milled the same way for centuries, farming olives is a labor of love with the farmers working hard to achieve the highest quality product .

The ever-popular avocado. The Lecrin Valley’s special climate makes it an ideal area for the farming of this nourishing and delicious fruit.

Local Citrus. Oranges are an integral part of the local landscape. These sweet and tart fruits grow naturally and organically thanks to the excellent soil and climate of our valley.

Freshly baked homemade bread and other pastries. Made in a wood oven; right in the middle of Pinos Del Valle.

Charcuterie. An authentic delight of the Lecrín Valley is the variety of cured sausages, cold cuts and other meats available. We work with our local butcher, ‘Casa David’ to bring you their best offerings, all from their own farm and naturally prepared without preservatives.

Lecrín Valley Cheeses. Magdalena and her family make a selection of excellent cheeses utilizing milk from goats they raise themselves. Be sure to try our favorite cinnamon cheese which is dipped in cinnamon during the curing stage.

Last but not least we offer a rotating selection of house-made preserves using seasonal products. The selection might include quince and cinnamon, lemon and ginger, figs, pink grapefruit or whatever our chefs are cooking up with the freshest fruits.

That’s not all! Come have a seat at the table and enjoy the morning with us.