This holiday season we were lucky enough to be able to do something that we love: explore new hiking trails in Lecrín Valley that brought us to new landscapes. Enjoy them and explore them thoroughly in order to tell us about it later!


Route The Goat´s Detour”

Distance from Casabela: 5.78 Km
Circular route
Approximate duration: 1Hour 30min
Slope: 202m
Technical difficulty: Moderate
Suitable for children
Can do the route walking, with a bike, or running

When you feel like going deep in nature, breathe fresh air, and walk far away from asphalt, hiking turns into the perfect combination for your stay at Casabela Estate. Our country house waits for you upon your return so you can rest and recover your strength with our zone’s gastronomy.

In this occasion, we did the same route every day that we were at Casabela. We didn’t get bored because every time we did it in a different way: walking both children and adults, running and cycling. This last option is highly recommended, but you should know that it requires some experience with the bike, and it is not advisable for beginners. My favorite option is to run it, it’s great to start the day in a good mood and with energy, your body and mind will thank you infinitely.

This route “The Goat´s Detour”, is located in Valley Pines. You can start is from the same foor of the house, it´s circular, and its has a duration of approximately one and a half hours. The path passes through a magical pine forest that looks like it was taken out of a book, and it´s ideal to do with children. There are stretches of climbs and descents. The route alternates between darker areas from the shade of the pine forest to open spaces full of light and with spectacular views of the Lecrín Valley, the mountains, Sierra Nevada and several white villages in the region.

We took advantage to make a collection of pinecones, pine nuts and leaves to decorate the house at Christmas. Mushrooms can also be collected. Sports activities like mountain biking are also available, as this trail meets several points with more difficult paths, perfect for mountain biking and hiking at different levels. We look forward to discovering them all, we’ll continue to tell you!

So remember…

if you decide visiting us, don´t fot get your trekking boots! Enjoy our beautiful enviroment.