The entire Casabela team is made up of 6 people: Marta, Ino, Catalina, Encarni, Belén and Mari. Each one of us comes from different professional backgrounds, but all six of us are united by the same challenge: to turn Casabela into a quality reference as a luxury villa for tourist accommodation and as a place for the celebration of events of all kinds.

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They have been lucky enough to see the birth of this project and no one like them to tell you in first person everything that happens in the house. They are the confidants of every detail, the narrators of special moments and the ones in charge of transmitting all the news, new projects and curiosities that make us unique.

Creators of dreams, narrators of experiences. Through blogs, social networks and newsletters, they captivate with stories that awaken the desire to discover us. Their goal is clear: to invite you to immerse yourself in the Finca Casabela experience.


Marta’s role is mainly focused on customer service. As a daily harmony master, she will accompany you on this beautiful journey. From the moment you decide to contact us, she will make sure that everything is perfectly prepared for your arrival, during the getaway and until the end of your stay.

In addition to meticulously planning your experience, she establishes connections with partners that enrich the Casabela experience.

casa de lujo en granada casabela equipo
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Encarni, Belén y Mari

They are the soul of the house, they are the visible face and you will see them when you visit Casabela. You will know that they will do everything possible to offer you the best service and that the house will always be perfect, clean and immaculate for your stay.

They are charming and very kind people who know like no one else every corner of the house and its secrets and, as locals of Lecrín, also those of the Valley…


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